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A Los Angeles based bookbinder since 1978.


Welcome to my bookbinding site. Fine bookbinding, book repairs for over 40+ years.

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“Book binding is an esoteric art performed by craftsmen to preserve the past, to preserve knowledge and to preserve both art and an art form. The first time I went to David to repair books hundreds of years old, I noticed a rack of many oddly shaped bookbinding tools that to that my imagination wouldn’t have been out of place in a medieval torture chamber. “Wow”, I said, “where did you get those?”
“I had to wait for a lot of people to die to put that collection together,” David responded.
It was then I knew, I had found my bookbinder.”

– Ben S. @ Los Angeles, CA

“As referred to me from  Donna T(photographer): David is a superb craftsman.
The quality of his work was 10 out of 10.
I came to him with an urgent deadline with not much more than 24 hours to complete. My celebrity client is high profile, and I read about David and chose him never working with him before.
He has the attention, care and skill of a world class artist. He matched materials with the eye of a true professional. His technique does not cut corners and is high quality.
The books he made were beautiful and my deadline was met!! I WAS THRILLED.
I have other projects for David and will use him again.
I give him an EXCELLENT grade of Aplus in every way
Thank you David!!!”

Lil C. @ Glendora, CA

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